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Designs are a reflection of individuals and their lifestyle. I like to start with architectural cues so your
landscape can grow and become a part of your home. Architecture not only helps to guide style, it
also provides functional cues. Material choices, traffic patterns, and even plant selection should work
with the existing structures in your landscape. Just like your interior, your landscape can take on
many styles. My job is to take those preferences and turn them into a build-able, maintainable and
affordable landscape.

Initial Consultation
Having a trusting and cohesive relationship between designer and client is imperative. For this
reason, I like to take the time to meet potential clients at their home without the pressure of a clock
ticking. My initial consultations are FREE. During this time, we talk about your needs, desires and

The more information the better
Information sharing will help move the project along and helps us make decisions based on a mutual
understanding. If there are plot plans available that will reduce or eliminate upfront measuring,
please share them. Pictures of landscapes you admire or even those that you don’t, please share
those as well. A picture says a thousand words.

As early as possible in the design process, I like to share estimates from landscape installers with the
skills to make your landscape come to life. It can be very difficult to make decisions on what you want
to create without knowing how much it will cost. By discussing costs throughout the process, we make
realistic decisions together.

If you have an installation contractor that you would like to bid on the project or if you already know
you would like them to install your new landscape, I welcome the opportunity to work with new
professionals in the industry. It is best to share this information early in the process so we are
including them in discussions regarding skill sets, costs and scheduling.

Call today to get started planning your new landscape.
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